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a little about me


Braiding is in the blood..

The love of braids and passion for hair styling started early for me, from right back to when I was little, here’s how it all began ..

My family takes the term ‘blended family’ to the next level, I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up Mum and Dad raised an army of siblings, fabulously mixing up culture and tradition along the way.

Our unique Dad was the epitome of an English Gent, sadly he’s not with us anymore. While he was with us, he taught us that family is everything, and that cultures and differences were to be celebrated and embraced.

We’ve certainly taken his spirit on board as our family now consists of Russian, English, Sri Lankan, Greek, Afrocaribbean and Bengali heritage!!

I’m one of 11 daughters and 2 sons! We didn’t all grew up together in the same household (that would have been mayhem) however, I have many fond memories of mum hosting regular dinners for my Dad’s ex wives (erm .. yes there were more than 1) and ALL of us kids.

Between us we now have a truck load of kids and even grandkids, we still see each other as often as we can.
Was it an unusual set up? Yes absolutely. Would I change it given the chance, no flippin way!

Growing up surrounded by so many women there are many funny family hair related stories to share; like the time Dad chopped my sisters plait clean off …. and if you dig around in the family albums there is much hilarious evidence of bowl haircuts inflicted on us by Dad (in his quest to create strong women of us) erm ok Dad?…… It didn’t feel like it at the time.

Poignantly, what also featured strongly during our childhood is our braided hair, my family heritage has its roots in the Indian sub continent where braided hair is de rigour, so wearing plaits was a constant in our youth. Thanks to our beautiful mum, and before her, her own mum, braided styles were passed down from generations, between aunties, sisters and daughters.

The passion for braiding, beauty trends and hair styling has remained strong. Being surrounded by so many sisters and our offspring, managing our many hair types from Asian to Afro has always been a part of what bonds us.


Braided hair whether for fashion or function, was our standard style growing up, so naturally my sisters and I were always going to be able to braid..


Why a pop up braid bar?

So the braiding vibe has now come full circle for me, as I have my very own daughter who has been blessed with THE most magnificent mane which requires daily braiding.
With no braid bars locally I found myself travelling to London to Selfridges and Top Shop before holidays and important events when I needed those plaits to be on point and to last me a week.

Realising there was a gap in the market and a boom in the trend for braided hair up, I decided to create my own braiding pop up brand, positioned within shopping centres and at popular local events and festivals.

My style bar has evolved and not only offers traditional style braids, boho braids, braids with curls and even curls on their own we now offer human hair extensions installed and styled by us for longer term or clip in for when you want some temporary Glam.

With busy lifestyles we are looking for affordable, quick and accessible hair solutions. Whether for you or your children. Trenza meets those demands.

Our customers love us for holiday’s, residential’s, sporting events, weddings, special days out, festivals, birthday parties, bridal parties.

We love to make our customers feel confident and beautiful, we help you to achieve the hair of your dreams.

Lets get back to family …

I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by many many inspirational women; first and foremost my beautiful Mum and my amazing sisters, followed by my one in a million mother in law and of course my sisters from other misters; my girls with whom I share well over a decade of beautiful fun filled friendship.  

But lastly and most importantly my wonderful daughter, who is my inspiration for Trenza….these amazing women are my TRENZA tribe.

TRENZA means braids in Spanish…. The Trenza braids have been named after the important women in my life.  So if you’re after an Amaya or a Ray or a Yasmin why not ask about her story.

This is for you Abba, for raising strong independent women, and for encouraging us to follow our dreams.

A few facts about me...

If I haven’t got something fun planned in the diary .. I get panicky!

Ibiza is my spiritual home. Retiring to the island is my dream…

I nearly missed my flight home, when I decided to get box braids in New York.