Always give your child’s hair a daily brush through to prevent or eliminate tangles. A daily braided style not only prevents tangles, school aged children will receive the added benefit that head lice infections are greatly reduced on children that wear their hair braided to school.

Before bed brush through hair again and braid into a loose plait or two to prevent tangling during the night. You will be grateful in the morning when a comb runs easily through her hair! Better still braid into a style the night before ready for school the next day! Saving you time and tears before the school run.


We recommend Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioners which are sulphate free and strengthen and smooth hair. There are also lots of sulphate free products on the market to suit all budgets and can be bought in your local supermarket

A weekly deep condition will do wonders for your Childs hair. You can use hair oils or masks; we recommend coconut oil, argon oil or hair masks available from drugstores such as Boots / Superdrug. You can even try making your own home made ones, search the Internet for hundreds of recipes. Natural oils such as coconut can be left overnight for very thick hair.


Did you know that Blow Drying is good for your Childs hair ? Not too often! Just once a week after washing your child’s hair, allow time for a blow dry. In our house we try to do this on Sunday morning’s when we have extra time on our hands.

Allow hair to air dry ( attempting to dry very wet hair is not recommended). Spray hair with a heat protection spray then on a not too high heat setting blow dry hair using the dryer nozzle to direct hair downwards. If possible try drying the hair with a round brush to give you a really good smooth blow out. This will promote the hair cuticles to lay flat and smooth helping to prevent tangles.

You will notice hair looks shinier and it will easily run through your fingers. A blow dried head of hair will remain looking better for longer and will tangle far less quickly than hair that has not been blow dried. This is particularly recommended for children with course or thick hair or even fine hair that tangles easily.


A satin bonnet, silk pillow case, silk scarf or quite frankly even a pair of old nylon tights ALL help keep your blow dry, hair up, and braid styles protected and styled and pretty for days longer than if you sleep with out any hair protection.

Cotton pillow cases and restless sleepers who toss and turn at night will struggle to keep their hairstyle looking nice and fresh as long as their friends who are investing in some nighttime protection. Our feed in braids in particular can last well over 7 days looking perfect if tights or similar are worn at night. When you invest a significant amount of money into your hairstyle its definitely worth looking after them. We sell the satin bonnets at the Braid Bar in Westquay.