Trenza Braid School

It’s never too late to learn …

Did you know that my business came about off the back of my very first Braid Lessons?

As a mum with a daughter blessed with a truly magnificent mane of hair, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t style her hair in pretty ways.  My braids were baggy and wonky, I could only create one hair style and it would fall out before the end of the day! I just wasnt doing her any justice.

I came across the Braid Bar in Selfridges in London, took her there and was utterly hooked! The braids were so tight and neat, just as they should be. I needed to up my game!

I invested in Braid Lessons, improved my braids and decided we needed a Braid Bar in Westquay. That was over a year ago, and despite Covid we are going from strength to strength.  My business has been embraced by kids and their parents, we have produced thousands of braids and now we are teaching Mums, Dad’s, Uncles, Grandparents and even kids to braid!


The Trenza Braid School offers 121, Zoom and Group Lessons both on and offline. 

Christmas Braid Box Kit

We have just launched our Braid Box Kit in time for Christmas, it includes everything you need to get braiding straight away. Suitable for both adults and children our Styling head doesn’t wriggle, wiggle or complain, the perfect model for learning to braid!

  • Styling Head
  • Table Clamp
  • Pintail Comb
  • Trenza Section Hair Bands
  • Elastics
  • Topsy Tail Tool 
  • Trenza Braid Bar Gift Voucher
  • Video Tutorial

Email me to order your Braid Kit or to book a braid lesson with us. It’s never to late to learn.